Intellectual Traits Inventory

Our aim as critical thinkers is to culitvate ourselves as fair-minded, intellectually responsible persons. To achieve this goal, we strive to develop intellectual traits. The following evaluation is a short, quick way of assessing your intellectual traits. It will identify your potential strengths and traits needing some improvement. Answer each question honestly.

Instructions: Click on the appropriate button after each statement. After answering all questions, click on the Determine Traits button below.

Questions Never Sometimes Often Always
1. I admit that there is much to learn from others.

2. I analyze the beliefs I hold.

3. I do not conform to the standards of others as a “blind follower”.

4. I accurately represnt viewpoints I disagree with.

5. I behave in accordance with what I say I believe.

6. I change my position when evidence leads to a more reasonable position.

7. I work my way through the complexities in an issue, i.e. not give up when I experience difficulty.

8. I use the term “I don’t know” frequently.

9. I adhere to the principles of sound reasoning when persuading others of my position and not distort matters to support my position.

10. I question my beliefs, many of which I learned in childhood.

11. I understand that my prejudices or biases influence my thinking.

12. I summarize the views of my opponents to their satisfaction.

13. I only critically accept what I am told by my government, the media, and my peers.

14. I think of a difficult intellectual problem in which I have demonstrated patience and determination in working through the difficulties .

15. I see the issue from the most reasonable perspective and not try to just “win” at all costs.

16. I use strategies for dealing with complex problems.

17. I think through issues on my own, not merely accept the views of others.

18. I expect the same of myself as I expect of others.

19. I demonstrate a willingness to give up my beliefs when sufficient evidence is presented against them.

20. I see insights in the views of others and prejudices in my own.

21. I recognize that learning is often difficult and that it is important to engage in challenging intellectual work.

22. I obtain information on an interesting subject by reading relevant materials.

23. I sympathize with the feelings of others if their feelings differ from mine.

24. I explore my “uncritical thinking” attitudes and realize that they keep me from seeing things as they are.

25. I stand tall despite the irrational criticisms of others.

26. I strive to recognize and eliminate self-deception in my life.

27. I encourage others to come to their own conclusions and not try to force my views on them.

28. I stand up for ideas and beleifs that don’t conform to my personal identity.

After answering all the questions, click on the button below.

Creative Commons License
Intellectual Traits Inventory, a modification of Learning Styles Inventory by Brett Bixler is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. Intellectual Traits Inventory (based on the Hawaii Community College pdf) is licensed under CC BY by Carol Pugh.

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  1. Lillie M. Bell
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    It is a good thing to know your strengths and weaknesses. That is what taking this survey has done for me.

  2. Martrell Rhames
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    The survey totally nailed my personality! I’m strivin to continue to keep up my positive traits and change the negatives!

    TRACEY MCCARTY at | | Reply

    This brought me great insight on what i need to improve on. I have room for improvement.

  4. Anthony Norwood
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    I am not surprised by the results of this survey.

  5. deborah
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    i enjoyed doing this also it let me know what i need to work o and i am going to try that i the future

  6. Bobby R Johnson
    Bobby R Johnson at | | Reply

    I am not to sure about my results, thought it be different. Enjoyed it anyway!

  7. James Ealey
    James Ealey at | | Reply

    It would be nice to know which question and answer points to which trait so one could accurately see where their strengths and failings are.

  8. Paul Nguyen
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    Wow I didn’t know I need a lot of room to improve some of these result.

  9. Linda M. Harris
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    I enjoyed this very much. It helped me to explore more about myself.

  10. kevin watson
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    It was a fun quiz.

  11. Robert White
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    The results of this test were very interesting, and I enjoyed taking it. I may have just learned a few things about myself..

  12. Beany Lowery
    Beany Lowery at | | Reply

    The survey was insightful. I had to read some of the questions several times, I may have looked at the questions in a different way than I should have. This may have impacted the results.

  13. sheniqua shaw
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    Enjoyed this servey learned something new about myself.

  14. BreAnna Ealey
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    Very interesting exercise! I really enjoyed it!

  15. Sheniqua Shaw
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    This was a great experience. Learned something new about myself.

  16. Dereck D Jones
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    This is a good survey to give. I will recommend this to other people as well.

  17. Alicia Young
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    Great results, I must say; very interesting!

  18. Patricia Virgin
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    This was an interesting survey. I had to think on many of the questions and answers.

  19. Betty Wheeler
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    Those where not the results that I thought I would get , They are very interesting though.

  20. Audrey Ross
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    This was interesting and the result I wasn’t surprise.

  21. Audrey Ross
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    The survey was interesting and shown areas where improvements can be made

  22. Katrina Brantley
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    This a very interesting results of my answers. I think everyone should take this survey

  23. Joseph Frey
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    Results mimic some other professional development analysis I’ve experienced. Good Stuff!

  24. debbie talbert
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    Interesting! I believe the conclusion depends of how you view each question! Something to think about!!!

  25. Franchester Hardy
    Franchester Hardy at | | Reply

    I had strength in Intellectual in perseverance, but needed improvement in a lot more areas. I was surprised.

  26. Shere Anderson
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    This was very eye opening for me.

  27. sharon davis
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    I found my result very interesting

  28. Sarah Griffin
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    Very interesting to learn my strenghts and areas to improve.

  29. Sarah Griffin
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    I’m learning a bit about myself already taking this class. The result of this inventory was on point with the trait that I found in myself, in our earlier discussion. I also agree with the noted areas of improvement. This was a good exercise.

  30. Billy Davenport
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    Very interesting. I would have thought different of myself.

  31. Richard Johnson
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    I find the results very interesting.

  32. vanesia ross
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    I found the results to be unbelieveable

  33. LaShawn
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    I found the results to be very interesting. Very truthful.

  34. Anthony
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    This truly was a fun experience for me. Being true to my self felt good.

  35. Zerona
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    Interesting results. Now it’s time to work on the opportunity revealed from the evaluation.

  36. Cheryl
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    Great! Intellectual traits inventory. Now I know what I need to improve.

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    It really makes you think.

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